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YOLO art is a space for entertaining, expressing, connecting, learning and exchanging experiences. The building is located in Balat in old Istanbul. YOLO art is keen to provide its service on many levels through a range of events. 

As for the first floor, YOLO art offers training, education and workshop services through “YOLO Training Center”. The center specializes in providing expertise from several fields by presenting technical and academic training staff with several experiences. Additionally, YOLO Training Center is not only interested in striving to provide the highest possible experience, but also hands on practices through working on final projects in the end of the workshop. Therefore, the trainee obtains the greatest possible profit by undergoing various aspects of practical and theoretical experience.

In the basement of YOLO art there is “YOLO Stage”, which a space for expressing and creating. Where it seeks to provide an atmosphere for talents to be expressed in transparency. The stage conveys these talents to the audience in a professional manner where they could come across various of entertainment selections, cultural and artistic performances, exhibitions and activities. These events would be held weekly to satisfy the audience cognitive challenges and attain pleasure and enjoyment.

YOLO art presents “YOLO art Café” in the main floor. It specializes in cold, hot, and traditional drinks. Moreover, a variety of activities are held within the Café to enhance the bridge of communication and create an atmosphere characterized by spontaneity and openness to the other. YOLO art Café ensures to achieve this goal through organizing numerous events such as chess club, drawing, social clubs, and more.


YOLO art was found because of the urgent need for expressive platforms, and to close the communication gap between different backgrounds, orientations and affiliations. YOLO art believes the true communication lies within humanity itself, and that there is no language more important than the language of art. Hence, YOLO art is a warm space for anyone who believes that the meaning of life lies in never stopping the journey of searching, learning, and developing.

We aspire at YOLO art to be a genuine opportunity for people interested in communication and continuous development, which leads to the advancement of the place itself.


YOLO art is a for-profit foundation that is not funded by any party other than the founders of the project themselves.

Founders and Funders of
YOLO art

A Syrian architecture with experiences in several fields including radio, writing, film making, television, and casting to bring together all these unique experiences into one place.
“One of my personal goals for YOLO art project is to integrate the intellectual, social, and artistic levels within a free space not associated with any party or orientation. The place would fully support all the differences and close the gaps that were imposed without our will. Hope we would be successful in achieving this.”
A Syrian theater and television director who worked in several fields of art including theater, radio, television, and cinema.

“YOLO art for me is a dream within a list of dreams that I always hoped would become a reality one day, and now YOLO art truly turned into reality. Having a space for expressing, communicating, learning, and experimenting is the most important aspect that gives a massive push to this dream.”
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